Contemporary Home Decorating Ideas

Christmas Contemporary Home Decorating Ideas

We all love decorating our homes for Christmas, but sometimes we want to move away from the traditional red and green decorations and take our home to the next level.

Using white is a great way to achieve a contemporary look with your Christmas decorations. I have seen white Christmas trees, but I think that is going a bit far, work with a green tree, real or artificial depends on your taste, there are pro’s and con’s for both. Decorate the tree with white balls, stars, tinsel, strings of white beads or crystals. Use white fairy lights to give a sprinkling of light to the look.

Hang beads and crystals as shown in the photograph here, direct a halogen light to shine on it and you have created an amazing “sparkle” effect, just like iciles dripping water as they thaw.

Wrap all your Christmas gifts in white paper and decorate with a silver bow and place under your Christmas tree. Use white candles in your candelabra, white flowers with a little greenery in your vases. Make your wreath for the front door from traditional greenery but use white bows and silver accessories to give it a more contemporary look and feel.

contemporary white Christmas decorations

A contemporary room decorated for Christmas.

Now for an idea on how to make a contemporary table setting. Make it edible! You can see from the photograph below that almost everything is edible. Candles are a bit difficult to stomach, but the walnuts, cookies and cakes are all very tasty treats. The spices add an aromatic sense to the centerpiece. You can use your imagination and create your own contemporary edible centerpiece. Use marzipan to make little white balls, fill them with something special inside for a surprise. Traditional shortbread or gingerbread cut into Christmas shapes and decorated in white icing with silver couchous (little balls). You could make a Christmas tree from your white marzipan balls, simply stack them to a peak, you could use rum balls for this too. Cupcakes are the hottest thing in town at the moment, so why not go with the flow and make cupcakes and decorate them in a Christmas theme, and use them as your centerpiece, there are some really lovely cupcake tiered holders available which would look fantastic.

edible Christmas centerpiece

Edible Christmas Centerpiece

Now all you need to do is get your creative juices flowing and create your own original contemporary look. Have fun and Merry Christmas.

Here are some ideas for giving you a head start on your Christmas decorating. Just click on the pictures for more information.

Holiday Cookie Mold – get started on those edible centerpieces.
Gold Star Garlands

Gold Star Garlands

Gold Vintage Keys

Gold Vintage Keys

Decorated Gel Candles

Decorated Gel Candles


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