Exterior Home Lighting Decorating Ideas

Christmas Home Lighting Decorating Ideas

It’s a magical time of year to see all the homes decorated for Christmas. The lights dancing around the trees and santa on the rooftop with the reindeer leading the way.

Here are some examples of exterior home decorating for Christmas using lighting. They do make you get excited and feel in the Christmas spirit. Get some inspiration for your home or just enjoy the photos.

Decorative Christmas lights to front door

This home has been tastefully decorated for Christmas. The front door has been framed with greenery entwined with lights. The wreath on the door is even lit up, this is really creating a focal point of the front door. Lighting has also been added to the floral arrangements in the large urns under the windows, once again highlighting the entrance to the home and creating a warm and festive feel. Then the final touch here are candle style lights in the snow either side of the path leading to the door. The decoration is subtle but the impact is high. A tastefully decorated home, It looks warm and inviting and I bet there is a big Christmas tree waiting inside.

Christmas Exterior Lighting Ideas

What a contrast to the previous home, this house has been lathered with Christmas lights and doesn’t it look fantastic juxtaposed with the snow on the mountains behind. The eaves have been lined with dangling lights highlighting the roof. The front door is defined using colored lights draped vertically. The fence line to the foreground has lights formed in swags creating movement across the front of the home. I think the owners of this humble home have enjoyed this experience, right down to the lighting of the exterior Christmas tree.

Some points to think about when using lights

  • Make sure the power cords have an exterior safety device.
  • Ensure your power outlets can cover the electrical load of the lighting.
  • Plan your scheme before you start as the strings of lights often don’t go as far as you think they will.
  • Have an idea of your focal point, and use the lighting to lead you there.
  • Have fun doing it and make sure you go and visit and enjoy the work of your neighbors!

Have fun and we wish you a Merry Christmas. Here are some items that may help with your decorations. Just click on the picture for more information.

Christmas lights

Christmas Tree Lit Cone

Topiary Tree


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