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Christmas Modern Interior Decorating Ideas

Christmas is the time of year when we can get carried away with decorating our homes and forget about the real reason for Christmas. You will know in your hearts what the real reason for Christmas is, and I would like to help you think more about that than your home decorating for a few minutes. That doesn’t mean don’t be festive, I just mean that sometimes “less is best”.

I have two photograph examples of “less is best” Christmas modern interior decorating. I think they work so well and give you more time to focus on friends and family and others that may need attention at a time of year when some people can be very lonely. So instead of being up all night decorating, bake some cookies and deliver them to someone that you know may need a bit of human contact and interaction, some one you may have forgotten or been too busy to catch up with (right now I can think of 5 or 6 people myself). So get inspired by these ideas, I am sure you can use them as stepping stones for your own modern stylized Christmas decoration ideas.


Here is a beautiful home decorated for Christmas. The decoration reminds me of a piece of art, stripping back the adornment and getting right back to the basic form of the Christmas tree. The black and white interior decoration works well and mirrors the exterior view, snow and bare trees. The form of the Christmas tree represents the essence of Christmas in this form of decoration and is more than enough to generate the Christmas theme and spirit. This is also an inexpensive way to decorate, that is if you are handy with timber and a paint brush!
Modern Painted Timber Christmas Tree

Modern Christmas Home Styling

I talked earlier about stripping back adornment and leaving the basic form of Christmas for our decoration. In the last photograph example the Christmas tree was the symbol used to express the spirit of Christmas. In this photograph a few pieces of greenery and some red bows tied on white carrier bags and a gift box symbolize the meaning of Christmas for this home.

Simple stylised Christmas Decorations

Simple Stylized Christmas Decorations

You could do something similar using glass jars (fill them with nuts), glass bottles (fill them with dye and water and add glitter, make sure the bottles have lids so you can give them a shake!) Fill some bowls with red and white striped candy canes, have some gold or silver wrapped chocolates in a ceramic dish, I am sure you will think of more ideas. You can pass on your ideas at the blog, just go and make comments and I will write another article to let everyone know what other creative modern Christmas decoration thoughts and ideas we have out there.
Here are some links to videos which show you how to make your own Christmas bows and how to make a Christmas wreath. Other ways to save you time and provide inspiration to decorate your home in a modern theme.

Find a collection of Contemporary Christmas Decorations below to get your creative ideas flowing. Use one as a starting point for your new look Christmas interior. Click on the pictures for more information.

Snowfall Valley Iridescent Icicle Christmas Ornaments

Christmas Morning Large Silver Glittery Snowflake Ornaments

Rustic Fire Crystal Kite Drop Christmas Ornaments

Contemporary Wooden Reindeer Christmas Decorations


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